Sunday, January 22, 2012

Never easy is it?

So after moving successfully on to my campus, setting up my room and going to my classes I found myself in the library. This library that contains several computers that all have the same problem. Each and every conputer on my campus runs on Internet explorer!!!!!!!

This hasn't been a problem before. That is until I found out that blogger isnt supported on Internet Explorer! Grrrrr!!!!!!! I have been trying for sometime to figure out what to do and have only have one option until I recieve a computer of my own.

Thats right everyone, I shall now be blogging from my precious Iphone that has this wonderful blogger app. It doesnt let me spruce up my blogs but at least they will be up. I can always edit them letter when I get my own labtop or go home for a weekend.

So bare with the now pretty layout. I know everyone really lives the content any!

I will be trying to put all my reviews up today. I have written out quite a few! So stay tune for more


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