I am very optimistic that this blog will become a hit. So When all of those Authors and Publicist come knocking at my door, I will already have a review policy and request form up. I like to be prepared.

Review Policy
  1. Please fill out the Review Request Form 
  2. I  currently am open to receiving solicited Advance Reading Copies and Review Copies of books
  3. My blog features Young Adult and all it's sub-categories, Historical Romance, Chick Lit, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance/ Fantasy. Please do not send anything that does not fit into these genre's.
  4. I prefer ARC or Hard Cover/Paperback books for review.
  5. I accept for electronic review format of Epub. and mobi.
  6. I Do not accept Self-Published Books at this time.
  7. I cannot guarantee a good review, but it will be honest!
Review Guidelines
  1. I will be honest in all of my reviews. My thoughts and opinions will be my own.
  2. I will post all reviews on my blog Reading Whims of Marnise, on GoodReads.com
  3. All reviews will be given in a timely manner in the given time frame discussed between myself and the review requester.
  4. My content will include book info, author info, links and pictures.

Rating System
My rating system will be (for now), a simple Hit or Miss with an explanation on why.

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