Friday, June 8, 2012

ARMCHAIR BEA: ask the experts Day #5

Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads

So today, Were asking everyone questions on what we always wanted to know!!!

so here I go.......................

  1. Who is your favorite publisher to work with
  2. What are some cool book events you've been too.
  3. Do you review self published books.
  4. How do you keep your reviews schedule
  5. how often do you comment on other blogs
  6. Know any good YA blogs?
I'd love to know all about this...


  1. Great questions!!!

    1. Harelquin Teen by far is my favorite to work with.

    2. I've been to BEA quite a few times as well as ALA. Author signings as well.

    3. I don't generally accept self pubbed books unless they sound awesome.

    4. I tend to bing review! I'll review a bunch of books all in one day and then spread them out over a week or two if I can. Otherwise I post them the same day. I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with what I've read. I wish I had the discipline to write my review before I started a new book but I CAN'T!

    5. I comment on other blogs as much as I can. My Google Reader is way too full most of the time but I try to go through it at least once a week!

    6. Yes! Mine! :)

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  2. Those are some great questions.
    I love work with Harper
    Never been to BEA
    very picky with self published books and Yes schedule is key
    as much as I can

  3. 1. Random House
    2. Never been to one!! Going to on next saturday though :D
    3. Yes, they used to be a large proportion of my review but now it's about 50/50!
    4. Umm… don't really have a schedule. I know some people who post a review on this day and that day every week but I just post a review once I have a space on my blog not filled with interviews, memes or book tours!
    5. Not as often as I want to. :-( But I'm trying to comment on at least THREE posts a day. So far it's worked! :-)
    6. Most of the blogs I follow are YA - these are my favourites

    Hope you've enjoyed ABEA! :D

  4. 1. As a pretty new blogger, so far my favorite publisher to work with is Scholastic. Most others won't even talk to me yet :-)
    2. I have only been to one bookish event, and it was a book signing with Myra McEntire and Amy Plum (I blogged about it here). It was awesome.
    3. Yes. Self-published authors seem to be a lot more willing to take a chance on a newish blogger.
    4. Most times, I just review whatever I just finished, if it's a published book. If it's an advance copy, I'll schedule my review sometime in the month preceding the release (I've been asking the author or publisher when they would prefer).
    5. Daily, at least for a few. For memes, I'll comment on more, but I comment on at least 3 or 4 every day.
    6. Mine!

    Great post! Here's my Armchair BEA Ask the Experts post.

  5. I think for self-published books it is all about what you are looking for. Some are edited really well, but others leaves something to be desired..