Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: Half-Blood (Covenant #1)

Title: Half-Blood (Covenant #1)
Pages: 281, Paperback
Published: October 18th 2011 by Spencer Hill Press

Favorite Quote:
“It’s just words and words mean nothing. Only action does.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Half-Blood

The Hematoi descend from the unions of gods and mortals, and the children of two Hematoi-pure-bloods-have godlike powers. Children of Hematoi and mortals-well, not so much. Half-bloods only have two options: become trained Sentinels who hunt and kill daimons or become servants in the homes of the pures. Seventeen-year-old Alexandria would rather risk her life fighting than waste it scrubbing toilets, but she may end up slumming it anyway. There are several rules that students at the Covenant must follow. Alex has problems with them all, but especially rule #1:Relationships between pures and halfs are forbidden. Unfortunately, she's crushing hard on the totally hot pure-blood Aiden. But falling for Aiden isn't her biggest problem--staying alive long enough to graduate the Covenant and become a Sentinel is. If she fails in her duty, she faces a future worse than death or slavery: being turned into a daimon, and being hunted by Aiden. And that would kind of suck.

So Hit or Miss

 I haven't read Vampire's Academy and I honestly never planned too. As such I can't really comment on the to books in comparison to each others.

I can comment on Half-Blood, however. Despite what I have heard about this book, I absolutely loved it! This is another book that incorporates mythology, but with an interesting twist. I would call it orginal, but that seems to be up in the air at this point. I will instead say that I thought it was orginal and well written.

I was facinated with this story. I  was immediately in a world not my own. Half-Blood starts with a punch. Action and adventure in the first chapter. Alex learns quickly that you can't hide forever. Away from the protection of the Covenant, Alex and her mother meet up Daimon's. With her mother killed Alex finds herself first on the run, then back at the Covenant.

The plot was so good! Easy to follow, exciting, and very entertaining. Alex is such a strong female character. I love her interactions with her family and especially with Aiden. Aiden, he's another character that I love. At first I loved and hated him. By mid-book I just outright loved him. Strong, proud, regal, funny in a sarcastic way, and oh so dynamic. I loved how the Armentrout developed their relationships between each page. Forbidden love is always a catchy story and it was incorporated well into the plot and story culture. The relationship as a whole was so authentic. Training everyday with such a hot and steamy character as Aiden, Alex was bound to fall and hard.

Aiden is also protective. He puts his duty to Alex before what he himself wants. He will not let her bare the blunt of any relationship they may or may not have.

There were other characters that just blew my mind in subtle ways. Alex's school enemy is refreshing. Seth brought the right amount of love triangle to the book. I can't wait to see more of Seth and how he plays out in the series. I mean who won't love Mr. Badass Super Powered Half-blood God Killing Seth???!!!!

In any event this is a series that I will defintely continue to read.


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